Future First Person Shooter | Downhill Assassination

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Downhill Longboard Deck Clinic

www.motionboardshop.com This tutorial is brought to you by motionboardshop. com. In this video, we show you the variety of downhill longboard styles and the pros and cons of each. Hopefully, you can use this to help find the deck that is right for you. We show you the differences between top mounts, drop throughs, drop decks, and drop-through drop-decks from industry leaders like Landyachtz, Rayne, Earthwing, and Madrid. Make sure you also check out our clinics on downhill longboard trucks, carving and vertical kingpin trucks, longboard wheels and more. If you have more questions about finding the right board and want to talk to an expert, give us a call today. 206.779.3272 We’re here to help! -The Motion Boardshop Team

Downhill Longboard Trucks Clinic

www.motionboardshop.com This downhill truck clinic is brought to you by www.motionboardshop. com. We’ve highlighted some general features of DH longboard trucks and the differences between brands. We show you how to flip your hangers to change the degree of the trucks and improve stability or turning. Also, we dive into precision trucks like Bear Smokies, to show you how they’re made and what you’re really paying for. Make sure you check out our other clinics on longboard wheels, carving trucks, downhill longboard decks and more. If you have more questions and you want to talk to an expert, call us today! 206.779.3272

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