Kyle Strait Demos a North Shore Gap to a Wall Ride

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Mountain bike sensation Kyle Strait walks us through the North Shore bridge gap to wall ride. For more on your favorite mountain cross champ check out

*Freeride* Mountain Biking

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The Greatest Freeride Mountain Bike Video I have ever made, two shredders hit huge jumps and fast trail! Click ‘Like’ to connect with me! and Subscribe to me on Youtube! I had this Video idea for the past year. Ever since then I was thinking of the sickest way of filming and editing a mountain bike video with this song. I was ready to film this mtb video by spring time, but unfortunately things didn’t work out to film it by then. We spent 5 days filming this video, the first day got cut short because Wyatt crashed hard while trying a tuck no hander on a jump. He hit his head hard and got a concussion. A month later we could film the rest. I even put the vertigo effect in here! Do you know what that is? Well it is where the whole perspective of the image changes but the framing stays pretty much the same. To do this I zoomed out while moving the camera forward on the dolly, and it has to be at the same pace to the framing stays about the same. I was extremely hard on a dslr camera because you have to manually turn the lens to zoom and move it on the dolly at the same time! I planned almost every shot in this video. I put together a whole script to follow to make sure I got all the shots I wanted and didn’t forget any. In the end, this video is the most closely resembling of my original vision than any other video I have made before. This is the greatest mountain bike video I have ever made so far! I was originally thinking of having 3 riders in it instead

Carve Like a Butcher – BaSE MTB Camps

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Jesse Darling coach his students in railing Lazer Fade from top to bottom in this 6 hour skills clinic focusing the most challenging mountain biking skill: Cornering. Find out more:

Drop: My Life Downhill’s newest film shines a bright light on the best downhill skateboarders in the world, 3x World Champ Martin Siegrist from Switzerland, 2008 World Champ Scott ‘Scoot’ Smith from Pender Harbor BC, 2009 World Champ Mischo Erban from Vernon BC, Erik Lundberg from Sweden, Kevin Reimer from Canada, James Kelly and Luois Pilloni from California, as they freeride and race in beautiful mountain locations.

Survival Skill #1 for Mountain Biking

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Mountain bike freeriding legend Wade Simmons talk about the 4-Key Survival Skills. In this episode, Wade talks about the importance of experience.

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