CYCLING TIPS VLOG: CRACKED EASTON STEM? I ride hard and break a LOT of stuff. I ride stuff that has great warranty cos chances are its going to break and get sent back to the R&D department. There is a way too much light product on the market thesedays. Bicycle components built light are generally more fragile. I dont ride carbon stems, bars or seat posts as they are piss weak and need to be replaced after a crash. Alloy is WAY stronger and you can actually recycle it vs it going to landfill like carbon bicycles parts end up. tags: “Cycling (Sport)” Mountain Bike Ride Biking Bicycle Riding Downhill Trail Dirt Race cracked easton stem

29er or 26er – First Mountain Bike for Beginners #3

MTB 29er or 26er – What to Buy? So you have just started mountain biking or are about to and would like some helpful tips to get you going? In this case, 26er or a 29er? If you haven’t already seen my first two videos on the subject, I suggest you check them out: The 26er and 29er refer to 26 or 29 inch wheels. Now, this is the easiest decision for a beginner to Mountain biking… Go with the 29er. The 29er will better assist you with rough terrain and uphill climbing over a 26er any day. The only real reasons you would want a 26er are for a little less weight and better technical control. However, let’s be honest, if you are just starting out, an extra ½ pound won’t significantly affect you… and it will be lots, likely years, of practice before you get into the crazy west coast technical skinny stuff. That’s it… Unless you are a pro, just stick with the 29er. Once you put 1000 kilometers under the tires, you will know if you are ready to go for the serious tech stuff that 26ers are good at. Thanks and have fun out there.

Single Leg Deadlift for Mountain Biking

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How to execute a single leg deadlift to improve your pedal stroke and body position for mountain biking. You can find more tips like this at

Skills For Thrills Pt2

Learn how to ride your bike with the correct way. Learn From mistake and dont give up is the main point. Like this vidoe for more update.

Nine Tips For Safe Enjoyable Bike Riding

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Follow these tips for a good ride every time.

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