Urban downhill mountain bike race – Red Bull Monserrate Devotees 2012

MTB downhill riders flyed down the Mythic Monserrate hill in Colombia. The winner of the Red Bull Monserrate Devotees was the Slovak athlete Filip Polc who managed to go through the 2.2 km downhill track in only 04:26 minutes. Think you can do better? Hop in an airplane, find the Monserrate hill, have your buddy film you doing the same set, and create a video response…or just watch the video. Both options are pretty sweet. redbull.com Subscribe www.youtube.com

REDBULL downhill MTB bike race in Brazilian favela

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The most outrageous race i have seen for quite some time, these boys know their stuff, And big thumbs up to Redbull for sponsoring so many sportsmen from around the world with out there input we would never see half the things we do. REDBULL downhill MTB bike race in Brazilian favela

What is a downhill skier? – Lindsey Vonn – Red Bull Launchpad

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Check out this exclusive interview of Lindsey Vonn explaining her fears, triumphs, and what it takes to win. Red Bull gave Lindsey wings. Now its your turn. If you’ve got a killer stunt, a sweet invention, or a strait up good idea upload a video telling us about it here: launchpad.redbullusa.com The public will vote for their favorite and the best idea will become real. Subscribe: www.youtube.com

Mountain Biking The River Bed – Ottawa River Coastline Banks

Watch in HD! A rough mountain bike ride through the dried up driver bed along the coastline of Ottawa River. I’ve never had to portage a bicycle until this ride. I filmed everything with a GoPro HD Hero in 720p at 60 FPS. The soundtrack is Skills Like This by Guided By Voice.

Trials Riding on Killer rocks in Moab – Jeremy VanSchoonhoven

This video features my good friend Jeremy VanSchoonhoven. He was a finalist last year on America’s Got Talent! He is a professional Trial Bike rider. He performs all over the world. And you can book him for an event through is manager. Here is her contact info. monica.warnockmoore@gmail.com Stephen Anderson wrote the score specifically for this video. You can download the song on iTunes in the link below. itunes.apple.com itunes.apple.com You can also contact him here. www.stephenjanderson.com Film was made by Devin Graham I’m on facebook now!! www.facebook.com And don’t forget to add my Twitter! :) www.twitter.com We filmed this in Moab. Over the coarse of 4 days. Shot on a Canon 5D Mark II. As far as making the camera look like it was “flying”, I used a glidecam 2000 HD for all those shots. You can check out the exact model on there official website below where you can also buy them, and I don’t get paid to say that :) www.glidecam.com I also go over a lot of camera questions I get asked in my blog right below in case you have more questions :) devingraham.blogspot.com

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