Bikepark Tirol IXS Downhill Cup 2012 Brenner Downhill Steinach

I made some Downhill biking shots in Bike park Tirol in Steinach during the Brenner Downhill, IXS Downhill Cup 2012. Bike park Tirol is awesome, and the facilities are great, there is a Bike Wash and a good Bike shop. There are also some nice slow motion shots in the Film. TO SEE MORE OF MY OUTDOOR VIDEOS, subscribe to my Channel: TO SEE MORE OF IXS DOWNHILL CUP: TO SEE MORE OF BIKEPARK TIROL: Music Smash It Up by kristijanf, bought at Audiojungle

Cannondale Bicycle

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Cannondale Bicycle

Write-up by Bill Cabrera

You actually really should be pretty closer now to teaming up with your dream bike – but bear in mind 1 extremely final concern, selecting out a excellent seller is just as critical as retaining inside your spending price range. Make guaranteed they have a excellent document and that they offer you a guarantee and technical assistance should you want it.Cannondale mountain bikes can be terrific enjoyable but, like with any shifting mechanical components, they do nonetheless will want some preservation and lubrication. When you are acquiring ready to go out for a run in the hills or the mountains, think about to make positive the mountain bike is very well lubed beforehand. Here are a handful of aspects to maintain in mind when lubricating your Cannondale mountain bike:

The chain: make convinced you use copious lube to the chain. Move the pedals backwards even though applying the lubricant to the chain consequently receiving it into just about every single portion. Also do the chain rings and cranks.Front derailleur: lube the pivots on the front derailleur and use spot lube on all elements that move when you use the shift lever.Rear derailleur: when once more, make sure that all the pivot points are nicely lubed as you would the front.Some clipless form pedals necessitate the launch mechanism to be lubed but or else do not touch the release mechanism on the pedals.A thing at all that moves on the Cannondale mountain bike ought to be lubed cautiously. This will retain items ticking more than for very some time to arrive and be particular a pleasantly smooth bike ride.Ultimately make guaranteed to wipe something down appropriately as this will lower the quantity of dirt that will stick while you are riding. When you wipe down you are in actuality only leaving the lubricant in the components that necessitate it.Mountain bikes will final a excellent deal longer if appropriately lubed on a frequent foundation. This does not signify of plan you require to get carried gone and splash the lubrication all more than the place. Stick to the moveable components and you will be just fine. Now get out there and appreciate the expertise!Anybody who loves to bike dreams of possessing a excellent two wheeler which is wonderful in fat and has ideal stiffness and on leading of it all it must have minimum upkeep needs. This is no longer a dream for a really couple of, as Cannondale bikes have now come up with a personalized service which they call program integration. Even so at the second this is not for all of us, but quite swiftly I am confident it will be designed obtainable to the entire biking local community.What the organization does for a several selected specialists on their crew is carryout a comparative exploration on the bikes utilized by the opponents and then develop the bikes of their sponsored racer by lessening his bike’s excess weight as significantly as doable. This they do is by lowering the range of elements although integrating various elements to execute numerous tasks.This sounds like a difficult element. As a make a distinction of truth it is a bit challenging, as they carryout numerous checks and trials on people bikes and make items function a bit in a different way. They adjust the dimension of the hub and the pattern of the fork to reduce the excess weight and in some circumstances they have been profitable in lessening the body weight drastically.

You have just gotten out of the h2o and you are dealing with the bike split

Cannondale Scalpel

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Cannondale Scalpel

If you like the open trails of cross-country cycling, here is a bike for you. The Cannondale Scalpel is a precision machine that will deliver the overall performance you want to carve up the mountain trails with handling that is 2nd to none.

Light As a Feather

It is genuinely remarkable how light this bike is. It only comes in at about 21 pounds totally dressed, producing it a single of the lightest bikes of its sort. But just because they are light does not mean that they are lightweights on the trail. A couple of years ago when it was announced that they would be eliminating the Scalpel, the Cannondale’s own racing team created their disapproval recognized to the company and rather, it was recommended by the team that if there was anything that they could increase on it would be the weight. Cannondale has delivered in a massive way with the Scalpel.

The Lefty Fork

In years past mono forks were the topic of a lot of complaints and unbelief, and frequently is was effectively-deserved.

Not so considerably any longer as in the Lefty, Cannondale has improved the technology exponentially. There was certainly a time when these kind of forks gave riders a lot of difficulty, but the professionals have tested the Lefty over and more than once more, pounded in to the ground, in the mud and rain and snow, and it has performed proper along-side of traditional forks, but with the added benefit of helping to lower the weight.

Also, if for some unknown cause you had been to choose on one thing other than a Cannondale bike, there is the Lefty For All, which is accessible for other brands.

Models in the Scalpel Series:

The Ultimate: $ 9,600 (MSRP)

The Scalpel 1: $ 7,199 (MSRP)

The Scalpel two: $ 5,099 (MSRP)

The Scalpel three: $ 3,949 (MSRP)

Regardless of whether you are a pro cyclist or a weekend warrior who really like to get outdoors whilst acquiring some good physical exercise as well, there is as a lot of factors for choosing Cannondale as there are bikes to select from.
You’re not going to find a Cannondale bike on the shelf at your local department retailer, so make confident you do your homework and get all the info you can on the internet ahead of you get one thing so that you won’t have buyer’s remorse.

A single last thing…cycling can be a lot of enjoyable, be positive to take safety seriously and often use the appropriate safety gear, especially a helmet, when riding. So be positive to obtain that along with your new Cannondale if you do not already personal some.

To learn more about Cannondale Mountain Bikes, and the Scalpel, Click Right here, to go to our web site now.

2012 Cannondale Mountain Bikes - Exclusive photos from Eurobike

Exclusive photos taken of the 2012 Cannondale Mountain Bike range at Eurobike
Video Rating: four / 5

Cannondale Mountain Bike Are Bikes That Anyone Would Be Proud To Ride

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Cannondale Mountain Bike Are Bikes That Anyone Would Be Proud To Ride

Report by Dave McIntosh

Off road bicycles or mountain bikes are designed to be ridden more than rough terrain and uneven trails. They are created and engineered so that they can stand up to the tremendous shocks and stresses the bike run into on these surfaces. That indicates it is important to have a excellent bike if you want it to final quite lengthy. Cannondale mountain bikes are certainly built to those high standards.

1 of the issues that has made it simpler to handle these bikes on the rough terrains is front and rear suspension bikes which have turn out to be the norm these days. They also offer better shock capability and consequently much more comfort. These bikes also make use of wider tires for proper surface get in touch with is consequently greater traction.This makes them not only excellent for common trekking but also for racing and competitive factors.

Cannondale’s Jekyll series bikes come with some excellent alternatives that enable a rider to manage different types of riding. The RT 2 dual shock technique along with a progressive link ratio make it an very capable and trustworthy bike when it comes to handling tracks and trails as well as some down-hills.

Cannondale has been a crucial leader in bicycle innovation because the 1980s as they developed lightweight yet powerful aluminum frames. They additional solidified their role in the course of the 1990s with their inventive suspension technologies. They introduced the Delta V in the early 90s, but the Super V model was the one particular that proved a full-suspension bike could compete with any of the finest bikes becoming sold. The Jekyll model has continued Cannondale’s heritage as a leading bike manufacturer.

The foundation of this mountain bike is the Jekyll’s aluminum frame. The frame employs a single pivot design which gives a lot more rigidity and increased pedaling efficiency along with better handling. It is observed as far better than the several pivot and linkages designs. The mainframe and swing arm are linked by a Fox Float air shock which supplies 4.five” of travel at the rear wheel.

They also have the Jekyll Carbon 1 and 2. These bikes use specifically the basic elements and the suspension is extremely adjustability. The drivetrain, brakes and wheels are slightly diverse in order to acquire a much more competitive cost.

Cannondale Jekyll mountain bikes are in Cannondale’s fleet of go-anyplace, ride-anything, all-in-one mountain superbikes. They can climb like you are riding a XC bike but descend like a downhill rig. It also breaks the rules for extended travel trail bikes.

Men and women at Cannondale say “Speed is Our Buddy”. They say that these four words convey their commitment to creating lightning-quick bikes with unmatched speed. The combined insights of riders and staff are employed in the development process to turn out technologically superior goods. They say their passion is to be the absolute best bicycle company in the planet. They care about their customers, suppliers, and every single other and are continuously attempting to enhance.

There is no doubt that Cannondale mountain bikes are bikes that any individual would be proud to ride and for all the appropriate factors.

Dave McIntosh has enjoyed cycling for years. If you are looking for far more excellent information on Cannondale Mountain Bikes, check out Great Mountain Bikes.

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Cannondale Mountain BIke for the Discerning Rider

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Cannondale Mountain BIke for the Discerning Rider

Report by Frank Iamin

Because you are reading this write-up on the Cannondale Mountain bike I will assume that you currently know about the exquisite style and reliability of this mountain bike. Generally regarded as as one of the premier mountain bikes, Cannondale Mountain Bikes have several models that will fit anyone’s budget. Read on to find out about the different top rated models.

If you are a recreational rider then you may possibly not want to invest the huge bucks for the higher priced Cannondale models. If you are an accomplished rider then you know the worth of owning the greatest.It is a selection you make that determines the level of commitment you have.

One particular option you do have is to discover a quality utilized Cannondale Mountain Bike. The only spot I will go is to Ebay when I am seeking for a high good quality bike at a low auction cost. Numerous instances the individual selling there mountain bike has either lost interest in the sport, has decided to upgrade to a much more costly model and several times the bike was inherited from a youngster that has gone off to school or left the nest and left the bike behind.Lets take a appear at some of the preferred Cannondale bikes and how they rank in terms of pricing.

Cannondale Scalpel 5The Cannondale Scalpel five is one of the top of the line Cannondale mountain bikes and will expense about $ 2,000 brand new. This is a sturdy and significantly sought following mountain bike for the extreme top quality minded biking enthusiast. Even though not as pricey as some of the best mountain bikes it ranks up there in terms of quality and dependability.

Cannondale Rush 6The Cannondale Rush six is much less costly then the Scalpel five and has been developed for ease of riding and comfort. If you don’t need the overly aggressive styling of the Scapel five then you will discover the Rush six a welcome option.

Cannondale Moto Carbon 1The Cannondale Moto Carbon 1 is an additional high priced mountain bike when once more in the two thousand dollar range and this bike certainly holds the line on “you get what you spend for”. This Cannondale Mountain Bike is lightweight and sturdy. It will absorb the toughest terrain with the minimum amount of instability. When you feel you are right on the edge of disaster this mountain bike will lift you up and keep you riding. An excellent bike!

Cannondale F7 With CO2 TechnologyThis Cannondale Mountain Bike is a beast, plain and basic. It is worthy of it really is own category and is a prized possession for any that have the very good sense to own it. Take a ride on this mountain bike and you will wonder why you didn’t acquire it just before.

As you can see Cannondale delivers a wide range of mountain bikes in a range of rates. You have to figure out for your self which a single is proper for you and your price range. Do not skimp on high quality for the sake of a handful of hundred dollars it can make all the distinction in the planet when it comes to getting fun and becoming safe at the same time.

If you are seeking for a premium, top quality mountain bike then appear no additional than the Cannondale Mountain Bike. This is the bike you want if you are searching for high quality. Visit Cannondale Mountain Bike for far more facts.

Preview some of the new line of Mountain Bikes from Cannondale. parkcity.television

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